Healthy Minds Clinics
Striving for better Mental well being

Healthy Minds is a company dedicated to the provision of products and services to address mental health conditions and improve mental health hygiene. We provide a range of services including psychiatric reports, psychiatric assessments, mental health training and mental health workshops.

Psychiatric Reports and Assessments

We provide psychiatric and needs assessments with complete developmental investigations. Our reports, assessments and recommendations have been used in court hearings, Mental Health Tribunal meetings, Employment Tribunal and dispute hearings and NHS Complaint hearing meetings.

Our developmental assessment reports for Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), Learning Difficulties (LD) and Attachment Disorders (AD) have helped individuals receive appropriate support from their local community, psychiatric teams and social services, allowing them to be relocated back to their home area.

Our comprehensive assessments have helped undiagnosed young adults subject to Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBO) to receive help, support and treatment for their mental health needs or developmental conditions, instead of being institutionalised as youth offenders.

Adult assessments for Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) completed by our team have enabled Social and Mental Health services to provide realistic and practical care packages, helping out-of-area patients to be cared for near their homes.

Training and Workshops

We provide training and workshops relating to mental well being and mental illnesses, and developmental conditions. Our training aims to implement care plans in the community and prevent relapse in mental health.

Mental Health Services

On-site Mental Health Training Courses

We offer high quality mental health and mental capacity training. The courses are carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and values to develop their skills. They can be delivered at a time and place convenient to your organisation.

Mental Health Workshops

We provide workshops on various aspects of mental health, with experts addressing some of the most common mental health concerns. We can also provide topic specific workshops for your organization, to raise awareness or educate about specific issues.