About Us

Healthy Minds professional staff consist of Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Life Coach, Nurses, Lecturers and Teachers.

Our multi-professional team promotes the philosophy of mental hygiene for a healthy mind. We believe that mental health is not just about the absence of mental illness. To promote healthy minds within our communinities, we provide workshops which offer coping skills, problem solving and information about improving one's self-esteem.

Healthy Minds works toward the practical implementation of national policies and guidelines published by the Department of Health. We also promote the health policies and guidelines of European and international entities and the World Health Organisation for well being and mental health.

Mental Health Services

On-site Mental Health Training Courses

We offer high quality mental health and mental capacity training. The courses are carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and values to develop their skills. They can be delivered at a time and place convenient to your organisation.

Mental Health Workshops

We provide workshops on various aspects of mental health, with experts addressing some of the most common mental health concerns. We can also provide topic specific workshops for your organization, to raise awareness or educate about specific issues.