Support for Carers and Families of Mental Health Patients

Is your child at risk of losing their spot at school due to bad behaviour?

Is your teenager or young adult facing a court order for anti-social, drunken, or disorderly behaviour or any other legal problems?

Have you experienced difficulties in voicing your concerns about your child or other family member’s mental health treatment with school or hospital personnel?

Mental illness and misuse of alcohol and illicit drugs can affect all members of your family. Sometimes inappropriate behaviour and excessive use of alcohol may result in the removal of a family member from the family home.

If you are a parent, family or carer of an individual with a learning disability, developmental disorder, or mental illness, Healthy Minds’ multi-disciplinary assessment can help you in understanding the individual’s condition and how to deal with it.

Healthy Minds’ complete developmental assessments of your child’s learning difficulties or behavioural problems can help to exclude any developmental conditions. We can then make practical recommendations for their progress and recovery.

Healthy Minds professionals involve parents, families and carers in educational sessions for developmental disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; as well as mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc. Our services also include group teaching, training and workshops to examine effective communication, developmental conditions and personality disorders and their effect on the individual.

Healthy Minds is here to help you. We can make recommendations and provide practical solutions for you based on a complete set of assessments including psychiatric, functional, needs and risk.

Contact us directly with details of your situation and we will inform you of services and facilities that our professionals can provide in your local area.

Below is a list of our most popular services catering to carers and families, for a full list, you can view our mental health services for carers and families.

All Carer Services

Mental Health Services

On-site Mental Health Training Courses

We offer high quality mental health and mental capacity training. The courses are carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and values to develop their skills. They can be delivered at a time and place convenient to your organisation.

Mental Health Workshops

We provide workshops on various aspects of mental health, with experts addressing some of the most common mental health concerns. We can also provide topic specific workshops for your organization, to raise awareness or educate about specific issues.