Environmental Policy

In keeping with our mission to be a centre of excellence in the delivery of mental health care, Healthy Minds endeavours to deliver services in a manner that minimizes undue risk and adverse environmental impacts on human health and the natural environment.

In doing so, Healthy Minds, as a minimum, complies with or when possible exceeds legal requirements through the applications of sustainable development principles, balancing environmental, economic, and social and health considerations.

We strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance through pollution prevention and the optimization of energy efficiency in our everyday activities.

To achieve this Healthy Minds will seek when possible to:

  • Make the most efficient use of energy
  • Reduce the need for movement of both people and goods and encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport as alternatives.
  • Minimise and where possible, eliminate, all forms of pollution
  • Avoid waste and encourage the appropriate conservation, re-use and recycling of resources
  • Promote a sense of responsibility and understanding for the environment and participation in environmental issues, by raising staff awareness

We empower our employees to assist in the development of environmentally friendly strategies and solutions, and communicate our environmental achievements regularly.

We demonstrate our shared responsibility for a healthy environment by creating linkages and working collaboratively with our community.

Mental Health Services

On-site Mental Health Training Courses

We offer high quality mental health and mental capacity training. The courses are carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and values to develop their skills. They can be delivered at a time and place convenient to your organisation.

Mental Health Workshops

We provide workshops on various aspects of mental health, with experts addressing some of the most common mental health concerns. We can also provide topic specific workshops for your organization, to raise awareness or educate about specific issues.