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Healthy Minds works closely with many different firms and organizations in the legal industry. Our partnership with solicitors, barristers and other legal professional bodies, means we have years of experience in the provision of expert witnesses, court reports, psychiatric assessments for court hearings and employment tribunal reports.

Mental Health Assessments

We provide reports of mental health and illness assessments for victims and offenders prior to and at the time of the incident. Our reports are created to meet your requirements and can be used for issues such as fit to plead, capacity to consent, offending behaviour, assessments of symptoms of mental illness, or affects of the act (on the victim and offender). Each report is compiled with the necessary evidence, full documented references and standardized tools along with the needs assessment and recommendation.

Mental Health Tribunal

Healthy Minds also provides independent psychiatric reports for the Mental Health Tribunal hearings. These reports are furnished with practical and realistic stages aimed towards resolving the dispute. The Healthy Minds team can also meet your client's request for an assessment of the affect of a trauma or accident on their health and mental well being. Following the initial assessment, if there are concerns regarding the traumatic effect, our team will recommend further sessions for a complete assessment.

Assessments for Developmental Conditions

Healthy Minds also provides a unique service for Developmental Conditions assessments such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) in young adults and adults. These conditions are often undiagnosed among offenders and individuals with anti-social behaviour. In a recent multi-centred European study it was recommended that assessments of ADHD were to be offered to all young offenders. UK studies have also shown that there is an increased rate of up to 5 times of undiagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorders among offenders who undergo criminal procedures.

For your convenience, we provide our services as hard copy reports as well as e-reports.

Below is a list of our most popular services catering for the legal industry, for a full list, you can view our legal industry mental health services.

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Mental Health Services

On-site Mental Health Training Courses

We offer high quality mental health and mental capacity training. The courses are carefully designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and values to develop their skills. They can be delivered at a time and place convenient to your organisation.

Mental Health Workshops

We provide workshops on various aspects of mental health, with experts addressing some of the most common mental health concerns. We can also provide topic specific workshops for your organization, to raise awareness or educate about specific issues.