Psychosexual Clinic

Relationship difficulties and sexual problems can affect all aspects of family life. Relationship problems either due physical presentation or emotional difficulties, can lead to complicated marital issues. Our team can provide counselling and therapy for these problems. Our assessment can also identify if there are any physical problems that need to be addressed.

Healthy Minds provides psychosexual therapy for couples and also individuals who are going through difficulties in their relationship.

Our team provides therapy for the problems such as:

  • Loss of sex desire, even though you might sometimes 'want to want' it.
  • Problems with getting aroused. For men, this may mean problems getting or maintaining an erection; for women, a lack of physical enjoyment or lubrication.
  • Difficulties - or in extreme cases - feeling impossible to reach orgasm/the point of ejaculation.
  • Premature ejaculation or otherwise ejaculating before you want to, leaving you and/or your partner dissatisfied.
  • Difficulties with penetration when it is either painful or impossible.

We also provide sex education aimed at banishing sexual myths, perhaps using books or videos.

We help for improving couple’s communication skills within the relationship – for instance, how to handle conflict or how to be clearer about what you want.

Emotional or psychological issues from the past that are stopping one from being able to enjoy sexual relationships in the present, such as a sexual trauma, or negative childhood messages about sex.

Healthy Minds therapists are medical professionals/ Psychiatrist who have undertaken additional training in what makes for good sexual relationships, and what treatments work when things go wrong. They are specially trained to be both knowledgeable and comfortable with talking about sex.

Our psychosexual therapy is open to adults of all ages: lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight; married or unmarried. If you have a current sexual partner we invite both of you and your partner to attend sessions together, because sexual and relationship difficulties rarely (if ever) ‘belong’ to one partner or the other. If you don’t have a sexual partner at this time, or s/he is not willing to attend, you may still find it helpful to attend sessions on your own.

Our team and our therapists understand that it has taken a lot of courage to seek help. He or she will offer a safe and supportive environment to find out what is going wrong in your sex life, and to discuss possible solutions.

We provide personal growth program which will help you to become more familiar and comfortable with your body and your sexual self. And also helping you and your partner manage differences in sexual appetite, motivation or preferences.

Our team also provide services in regards to capacity assessment and sex education for individuals with learning disabilities.

For men with erectile problems there a physical treatments such as a vacuum pump or medicines such as Viagra. There are also physical treatments and medications for women with specific sexual difficulties, particularly those concerning painful penetration.

The therapist will Explore the psychological causes of your sexual difficulties with a trained Psychosexual Counsellor. The therapist also determine whether medical testing may be beneficial. Your thoughts, feeling and behaviour is examined and those which is contributing to your sexual difficulties will be address and you will be equipped with the learned techniques and approaches that are designed for your problems.


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