Healthy Minds Patients and Clients Success Stories

Mrs. M: A Fearful Assistant Teacher

Mrs. M is a 61 year-old widow who was employed as an assistant teacher at a private school for young adults suffering from learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. She has given us permission to publish her success story following our organisations involvement with her compensation case.

Mrs. M was attacked in a minibus when returning home by a 17 year-old student who suffers from autism. She had a boot thrown at her from the back of a minibus which hit the back of her head and caused her severe anxiety and fear at the time of the incident.

Mrs. M was reviewed and assessed by our organisation and a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder was given. Mrs. M was referred to a specialist for the post-traumatic stress disorder and her depression was successfully treated by our clinician. Our needs assessment led to comprehensive recommendations and following the agreed terms and conditions relating to years at work and financial losses she was awarded a compensation of £150,000 and all costs to be paid by the independent school.

Following several months of treatment, she has progressed so well that she can now lead a full and normal life; by walking out of her own house and sitting in a café with friends without fear of being attacked.


Mrs. A: A Depressed Psychiatrist

Mrs. A, an employed psychiatrist who worked as a grade psychiatrist in one of the Trusts in the UK has given us permission to publish her success story following our organisations involvement with her case.

Mrs. A became unhappy at work and showed signs of stress during clinics and team meetings. Following a dispute with her community psychiatric team she left the job on a long term sick leave. She soon filed a complaint concerning bullying and harassment against the hospital and the primary care trust. The dispute was prolonged for a further 2 years with full pay; however, Mrs. A was not happy with being at home and not being productive. At some stage she developed depression and needed to be treated with anti-depressants. The primary care trust was also not happy about the situation as they were paying her a full salary as well as employing a locum staff for her replacement.

With the involvement of Healthy Minds, the dispute was resolved quickly, efficiently and within the terms and conditions of both the Trust and Mrs. A. The dispute was brought to an end and Mrs. A was able to move on with her life by accepting termination of her contract. Mrs. A was also happy that the Trust acknowledged that she had been subjected to unfair treatment and compensated her with a sum of £35,000 for unfair treatment.

Healthy Mind was able to resolve this dispute because we provide detailed psychiatric, needs assessment and multi-disciplinary assessments. We offer fair and acceptable negotiations and suggestions. We bring all parties involved in a dispute around a table and work towards the best outcome for all.


Mr. R: An Unemployed Mental Health Patient

Mr. R, a 21 year old unemployed man who lives with his mother has given us his consent to publish his success story following our organisations involvement with his case.

Healthy Minds became involved with Mr. R’s case following a request by his mother for an assessment for developmental conditions, whilst Mr. R was waiting for a court hearing which could have led to a custodial sentence.

Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary psychiatric and developmental disorders assessment diagnosed Mr. R with psychodynamic disorder, high functioning Autistic Spectrum Conditions (Aspergers Syndrome) and alcohol and illicit drugs (mainly Amphetamines and Cocaine) dependency.

We provided full needs and risk assessment and delivered practical recommendations. We also contacted the local community psychiatric team and negotiated for services and support within the community and also liaised with the probation services. All of these efforts enabled Mr. R to receive the support and help he needed within the community with a court order of 124 hours community services. The court also ordered tagging and probation for 1 year. With our help Mr. R was able to end his use of alcohol and illicit drugs, get enrolled at an Art and Design College and progress with appropriate social and personal interaction with his peers, all within an eight week’s time frame.

Healthy Minds complete psychiatric assessments, psychosocial services, developmental disorders diagnosis, and the ability to analyse social circumstances associated with risk assessments helps guide legal services, community psychiatric services, families and carers to better understand the challenging behaviour of individuals and their mental health needs. Our success stories of individuals with mental health illustrate that with Healthy Minds practices and assessments only the best outcomes are achieved.

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